Google Paid Advertising

Google Ads is a powerful pay-per-click (PPC) platform allowing you to reach potential customers who are actively searching for products or services fast to help you achieve your marketing goals.
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Tampa PPC Management Services

Get the most out of your marketing budget with expert PPC management in Tampa.

Reach Your Target Audience on Google

Target ideal customers with laser precision - those actively searching for your services. Ads appear above organic results, putting your brand front and center at the peak of their buying journey.

Gain Competitive Momentum

Boost your brand's visibility and rank amongst your competitors, even if you're just starting out. PPC puts your ads at the top of search results, grabbing attention and generating an influx of leads.

Measurable Results for Smart Decisions

We track everything from clicks to conversions, see what's working (and what's not!), and optimize your campaigns for maximum return on investment

Budget Control & Flexibility

Pay only for clicks, meaning every dollar is directly contributing to driving targeted traffic to your website.

Valuable Data for Smarter Marketing

Uncover valuable data about your target audience, their search habits, and preferences for greater success.

Fast Results for Immediate Impact

Unlike SEO's gradual progression, PPC campaigns start driving results instantly, bringing qualified leads to you within hours. It's the perfect solution for time-sensitive promotions or seasonal spikes.

PPC Management Packages

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Growth Starter PPC

$ $650 Monthly
  • Keyword research and competitor analysis
  • Campaign setup and ad copy creation
  • Landing page optimization (basic)
  • Ongoing campaign monitoring and optimization
  • Weekly performance reports
  • Limited ad platforms: Google Ads (Search & Display)
  • Up to $2,500/month spend
  • Ideal for: Businesses new to PPC or with a limited budget, looking for basic campaign setup and management.

Advanced PPC Package

$ 1,200 Monthly
  • All features of Growth Starter, plus:
  • Advanced keyword research and targeting
  • A/B testing of ad copy and landing pages
  • Remarketing campaigns
  • Multi-platform support (Google Ads, Bing Ads, social media)
  • Increased ad spend: Up to $15,000/month
  • Dedicated account manager: Personalized strategy and campaign optimization
  • Regular performance calls: In-depth analysis and recommendations
  • Ideal for: Businesses with established marketing efforts seeking ongoing campaign optimization and growth across multiple platforms.

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Tampa PPC FAQs

Absolutely! Whether you’re a local law firm or a larger Fortune 500 brand, PPC can put you front and center when people are actively searching for what you offer. It’s like having a virtual billboard right at the top of Google’s search results, attracting qualified leads who are ready to buy. Plus, unlike some marketing strategies, you only pay when someone clicks your ad.

The beauty of PPC is its flexibility. We can tailor a plan to fit your budget, big or small. We usually start with a monthly package around $650 which covers all the essentials, and then scale up depending on your goals and ad spend.

Unlike SEO, which takes time to build momentum, PPC can start driving qualified traffic to your website within hours. It is a great way to generate leads while you wait for momentum of SEO to start kicking in and building over time.

Transparency is key, so we’ll provide you with detailed reports every week, showing you exactly what’s working and what’s not. We’re constantly tweaking and optimizing your campaigns to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. And hey, if for any reason you’re not happy, there are no monthly commitments and you can cancel at any time.

We employ advanced monitoring techniques to identify and stop click fraudsters in their tracks, ensuring your ad spend goes where it belongs – attracting real, engaged customers.

Of course! Once you’re comfortable with the platform and understand the basics, we can equip you with the knowledge and tools to take the reins yourself. We’re here to empower your marketing journey, not hold your hand forever.

Of course. Even if you have a limited budget, we’ll work with you on a budget-friendly campaign that delivers targeted leads and measurable results. Get in touch with us for a free consultation so we can discuss and establish goals together.

Absolutely! In order for our campaigns to be effective and convert into leads, it is crucial we design landing pages that are laser-focused on their specific needs and motivations. Our advanced PPC packages include design services.

To better understand how PPC works, be sure to check out Search Engine Journal’s guide to PPC

as well as Google’s official Ads website for more information. There are also many great tutorials on YouTube you can explore to help you get familiar with paid search marketing.